Absolute Beginners Tutorials series

Title: how-to transform brain signals into animated visualizations using OpenBCI, OSC and Processing

Producer: MindLAB Space

License: Copyleft Share-Alike (CC BY-SA)

This tutorial shows how to acquire brain signals from a brain-computer interface and send the signals to a visualization software (Processing) software via OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

The tutorial show how to use a minimalist, affordable setup and open source software in order to implement a neurofeedback system.

The setup used by this tutorial can run on any operating system (Linux, Windows or MacOS). A BCI device is not required, as for development purposes it can be simulated by the software used in this same setup.


  • A Personal Computer – Linux or Windows or MacOS.
  • Internet connection (for downloading the software used to build the system)
  • (optional) OpenBCI device + USB dongle

The neurofeedback system is build with:

  • OpenBCI_GUI software
  • oscP5 (Processing library ffor OSC protocol)
  • Processing

Download the software at:

Tutorial’s slides available at:



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