A series of four conversations circling around the psychology of tech and the technicalities of the psyche.

Our purpose is to provide good practices for womxn to develop a healthy relation with technology, be aware of hidden socio-psychological obstacles to realisation, add ancient and newest resources to their toolbox, transform subconscious technophobia into a positive view of the Future.

Together we will knit a safety net, a reference group for any matter regarding tech and psychology, a place where you can share your stories, fears and hopes, a community that can listen and is ready to give constructive feedback.

Some examples of practical knowledge to be shared during the course:

  • psychological maps (know yourself so others will not exploit you)
  • design tools (organise your self-development process),
  • social tactics (spot unfavourable group dynamics and see how to reverse them to your advantage),
  • inspiration from the past (the visionary power of women pioneering sci-fi and tech),
  • perspective optimism around the future (actively imagining how our utopian futures will be like),
  • technological devices (become familiar with biosensors and learn how to make you own)
  • empowering practices(ancient and newest techniques to support your progress)
Karina Minda
Karina is a certified clinical psychologist and licensed transpersonal psychotherapist. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the human psyche is surpassed only by her gentle and warm presence. She joyfully shares effective and scientifically proven methods, while creating a safe and compassionate space for everyone to explore their inner experiences and discover their true potential.
Founder and Director of Quantum Thinkers, Bertilla is an advocate for empowering tech. Full time activist, at Stpln they run the MindLab meetups, which practice designing brain computer interfaces (BCI) for harmonisation of humankind and expose the current state of technologies used for social passivity and enslavement.

Bertilla and Karina will create a safe space for sharing of personal experiences, break the ice in testing electronics, support you with the sharing of technical resources, from their expertise fields of psychology and interactive design. Rationality and intuition will be equally trained, through speculation on the future of Consciousness via exploratory design scenarios.

Episode 1. Fear of the Unknown

Episode 2. Tech-positivity

Episode 3. Dream Analysis

Episode 4. Self-discovery tools

Inside the circuit, we wish to promote positivity in regards to the present and to the Future, eradicate victim-mentality and promote the benefits of practicing one’s agency upon Life.
We will explore Self-Knowledge as an essential 21st century gadget. Learning from great women of the past, we will bring examples of how technology can be designed to increase our self-understanding and power upon ourselves.

The circuits are designed for all those who do not strictly identify as men, bring an open mind!
If you have been wondering about the mysterious word “womxn”, read the wiki definition here.

Stpln is our lovely host for this series: https://stpln.org/psycircuit.

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Cover artwork credit: Haedre @ http://haedre.com/

Published by Bertilla Fabris

Founder and Director of Quantum Thinkers. Eternally stuck in between being a scientist and an artist.

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