SimpleFlower is a prototype project to showcase how to use the OpenBCI_Python API to access the data from a OpenBCI Ganglion Board connected to a human brain. T
he project was made possible by the help of MindLAB and PurpleScout


  • Python2.7 with pip
  • A OpenBCI Ganglion board
  • Processing Java Framework

Set up

  1. Connect the Ganglian Board and make sure at least one channel is working. Verify using the OpenBCI_GUI.
  2. Set up OpenBCI_Python API
  3. Install dependencies python2.7 -m pip -r install requirements.txt.henry
  4. Run cd OpenBCI_API && python2.7 --board ganglion -p CB:C7:7C:64:4C:EE --add udp_server. The data is now streaming through an UDP server from localhost, port 8888.
  5. Run python2.7 scripts/ The output should look like this.

Open up Processing and launch Processing simple_flower/L_system_openbci_api. You should have something like this.

If you have connected the electrodes to your head, you will be able to control the flower, as your mind relaxes, the flower will unfold. Enjoy!

Author: Henry Bergström

Published by Bertilla Fabris

Founder and Director of Quantum Thinkers. Eternally stuck in between being a scientist and an artist.

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