This is a step by step description of how to set up the Neurosonic application developed by QT at MindLab.

Required Hardware:

  • OpenBCI ganglion board;
  • 4 batteries AAA;
  • gold-cap electrodes;
  • 1020 electrolyte gel (or your homemade paste);
  • a computer;
  • a brain;
  • some tape;

Required Software:

  • OpenBCI hub;
  • BrainBay;
  • (optional) configuration files;

Note: best enjoyed with speakers, screens and an audience.

Wonderful, now let’s assemble this psychedelic experience!(“psychedelic” in the literal sense of “mind manifesting”)

Hooking up your Ganglion board:

To read consistent EEG data from two electrodes, you will need to add two more for reference (going on the back of your head) and two for grounding (those we will attach to your earlobes).

Grey, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black is the succession if you use the standard OpenBCI kit.

Switches in position

Push all the switches to the inner side.

Take the measurement of your head.

Place in the first four electrodes.

Note 1: I still have not covered the electrodes with paste. It is extremely sticky and I prefer to have the whole set up ready before smudging everything with it.
Note2: to ensure a safer grip on the earlobe, especially when attaching the apparatus to other players, prefer to go around the earlobe rather than how the picture shows.

Connecting your Brain to a Computer:

Make sure your Bluetooth Dongle is plugged in.

And remember to turn the computer’s bluetooth on^^

You may now dip the electrodes in gel and don the crown of neuroscience.
Yes, the gel will affect your hairstyle and look very suspicious.
Yes, people will stare at you and be awed.

Start the OpenBCI GUI.

Select your ganglion and Start System.

Now that you made sure the set up works and you have confirmed the presence of brain activity in yourself, open BrainBay.

With special filters, you can use your bio data as controls for different applications. Contact the MindLabbers to know more about this step or just experiment with the neurofeedback software.

Note3: if your player is a human under the age of 13, make sure to use ad-hoc filters, their brainwaves are very different from grown-ups!

Invite your friends to play together and see who has a better control over their psyche OR try the set up by yourself, listen to your mind-music in headphones to experience a sensory augmentation.

We at MindLab wanted to turn our thoughts into music, and we made it!

Published by Bertilla Fabris

Founder and Director of Quantum Thinkers. Eternally stuck in between being a scientist and an artist.

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