What is the MindLAB Space?

We are a collective of mind explorers, BCIs curious, artists, makers, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, psychologists, etc. that gather together for sharing our decentralized explorations of Brain-Computer Interfaces, bio-sensing and IoT devices.
We share ideas, knowledge, creations and software for BCI though our autonomous and distributed community: the MindLAB Space.

What are Brain-Computer Interfaces?

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a technology that allows communication between a human brain and an external technology. This term can refer to an interface that takes signals from the brain to an external piece of hardware, or a technology that sends signals to the brain.


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Sparkling Moments

Yes! we do it for sharing, because people are the greatest fun

Sparkling Moments

During our workshops and meetings, we talk about many things, not necessarely technical things, and we learn from each other.

among the things we do

Biosensors Rental

Rent a kit of biosensors and bring it home.

The kit can include: EEG headset, hearth-bit sensor, muscles-sensor.

For privates, schools, cultural centers, private companies or public offices.

Biosensors Workshop

Learn about Biosensors technology.

Our workshop is playful and exploring experience.

For schools, cultural centers, art/science events, museums, private companies and public offices.

Showcases / Campfire

A showcase/campfire is spectacular art/educational installation that inspire people’s curiosity and then engage them in a playful, learning and exploring experience about the mind/body and measuring-self.

For festivals, art expositions and educational/entertainment events.

Conferences / Panels

A conference/panel about mind/body and biosensing, but also about empowerment, self-improvement, bio-hacking, and other topics like free-will, consciousness, society, technology, and more.

For conference/cultural centers, cultural happenings, etc..

some collaborations


STPLN is a unique meeting place, maker space, and incubator for creative projects located in Malmö (Sweden).

Workshop: every two weeks we have a workshop where everyone is welomed to come and share ideas and projects in an informal and firendly environment. Perfect for discussions and co-working.

Danish Society of Engineers / Respond Festival

The Respond Festival is an occasion for showcasing state-of-the-art technologies. The attendees meet active enthusiasts who are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Showcase/Campfire: we set up an interactive visual-aural installation for the amusement of the festivals attendees, mainly families and children. The partecipants were asked to wear a BCI headset and play music with their brainwaves.


TechFestival is an occasion to attend interesting conversation on tech in Copenhagen. One that takes us beyond Silicon Valley culture, innovation hype and AI-fear. One that anchors tech in society with a human focus to technological progress.

Showcase/Campfire: we set up an interactive visual-aural installation for the festivals attendees.

Foo Café

Foo Café Foo Café is the natural meeting place located in Malmö (Sweden) for everyone passionate about media and technology.

Conferences: we make periodic conferences about BCIs: What are they, how they work, who is developing what, etc…

KulturNatten @ Reffen

Reffen is an urban playground for co-creation, innovation, food and creativity – and last but not least – the largest street food market in the Nordics. Every year Reffen partecipates at the Kulturnatten. KultureNatten (Culture Night) has been one of Copenhagen’s most popular and well-attended cultural events: a festive evening, where the entire cultural life of the city blends together and opens up for joy and inspiration.

Showcase/Campfire: we set up an interactive visual-aural installation for the festivals attendees.

KTH Visualia

Visualia is an electronic art festival that take place at KTH Reaktorhallen (Stockholm), organized by the Nordic Audio Visual Artists association.

Art installation: we set up an audio-visual installation where the participants were making musing generated by their brainwaves.

MindLAB.Space is the leading chapter of the NeurotechX community in Malmö city

NeurotechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of neuro-technology by providing key resources and learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and worldwide technological initiatives.

MindLAB.Space is the leading chapter in Malmö city for the global NeurotechX community.

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