interactive BCI experiment

RESPOND Festival

CPH – June 2019


MindLAB Malmö

MindLAB invites you to an artistic exploration of human connection.

Gazing into a stranger’s eyes, you will experience a certain affinity, often discounted but now quantifiable.

With the help of EEG sensors, participants will be able to collectively steer a visualization of their encounter; guidance will be provided in form of music, verbal cues and breathing techniques if needed.

The scenario for the installation is designed to foster disclosure, inspired by scenes deeply rooted in our tribal memories: sitting in a circle around a campfire.

New technologies such as BCI (Brain Computer Interface)

beckon us towards the co-creation of future stories.

To inhabit these new narratives we shall rediscover ancient connections.

How it works:

2 strangers sit in a circle, on their heads are placed EEG sensors connected to openBCI ganglion boards.

They are asked to close their eyes and focus on their breath.

The brainwave recording from the participants is streamed to a main processor located in the middle of the circle. Here is displayed a visualization of each human´s state of mind.

The brainwaves are divided in alpha, beta and theta, and connected to a music midi-player, that will play accordingly,

How does the result change when all participants are given headphones playing the same music? And if they are asked to stare in each others´ eyes?

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